The use of Fiberglass Fabric?

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Glass fiber cloth is a glass fiber woven fabric as the base material, and is subjected to the activity of a polymer anti-emulsion dipping coating. So that it has anti-alkaline, soft and good pull force, because of this, it is widely used in our lives, both inside and outside the building walls, insulation, waterproof.
Glass fiber cloth is used to produce a variety of electrically insulating laminates, bringing more convenience to people’s lives. Fiberglass cloth is ubiquitous in people’s lives and has a status that cannot be ignored. It has good insulation, which greatly prevents the occurrence of fire and provides convenience for people’s lives.
The types of glass fiber cloths are not uniform. The first classification standard is classified according to its composition and divided into three types: alkali fiber cloths, alkali-free fiber cloths and high alkali fiber cloths. Among them, the alkali fiber tapes are mainly used for weaving glass fiber window screens, mesh cloths and other products. The requirements for these products are relatively low. The production enterprises are mainly law-enforcement enterprises, and most of them use 200 holes.
Alkali-free glass fiber yarns are mainly used for weaving electronic cloths, electrically insulating cloths and fishing rod cloths. These three kinds of fabrics have relatively high demands on the fiber cloth surface. The fiber cloth used for weaving electronic cloths must be kept flat. Quality must pass.

Glass fiber fabrics have entered our field of vision as early as possible, and their use has become more and more extensive. They have played an important role in architecture and industry, bringing a lot of convenience to our lives. And we have very little knowledge of glass fiber cloth. There are many types of fiberglass cloth, each with their own purpose.

Post time: Apr-03-2018
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