The fire in London has again warned : the importance of A level fire resistance for wall panels

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Problems casue this accident : 

The renovation of the 24-story apartment was ended in 2016, the Associated Press reported.Greg hands, the British trade secretary, and Philip Hammond, the chancellor of the exchequer, said in a television interview that the walls of the building appeared to be using banned materials.

Mr Hands told sky news that the wall was “not in line with UK building regulations”.According to this, officials do not yet know the details of the renovation.”We need to find out what panels are used and how they are installed.”

The London police department last week released three photos of the interior of the glenfield building, detailing how the fire broke the building into a shell.It was said that the fire spread so quickly after a building caught fire.Experts believe that a wall panel outside the building could help the fire to move quickly from the outside.

In Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the United States, there have been a number of large-scale fires, and unqualified insulation and decorative aluminum wall panels are one of the reasons for the spread of the fire.The insulating material of the wallboard is sandwiched between two plates.

Labour mp David lamy urged the government to act immediately to protect all the information related to building renovation, in order to accountability person “of whom” should be punished, because once the police ask for evidence, the contractor may destroy it.

The glenfield building was built in 1974, but has recently been fully renovated, with Studio E, a building design company, and Rydon Construction, a contractor.The refurbishment was completed in 2016, including new facilities at the bottom of the building, new Windows and the resurface of the exterior wall.

The London fire is a wake-up call for the city’s construction professionals, said Dr. Yang wei, a chinese-american architecture designer and coordinating committee member of the building and construction environment committee.

She said the fire was preventable from a design planning point of view.News reports have shown that the thermal insulation used in the building may have been a factor in the rapid spread of the fire.

Post time: Sep-25-2017
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