Focus on and uphold the achievements of the world’s leading fiberglass

China Boulders is the core enterprise of the China National Building Materials Group’s glass fiber business segment. It is a successful example of the Group’s development of a mixed ownership economy and an outstanding representative of the Group’s six-star company. After years of dedication and dedication, China’s Jushi has achieved a steady growth in the scale and efficiency of its business thanks to technological innovation, fine management, structural adjustment, and marketing. It has created a global competitiveness in the glass fiber industry and has secured global fiberglass. Industry leader position. And under the background of a large downward pressure on the domestic economy, leading the glass fiber industry to rise against the trend. Since the beginning of this year, China’s Jushi has further increased its efforts in technological innovation, structural adjustment, fine management, and market development, and achieved substantial growth in its performance. Recently, the reporter and his team arrived in Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province, with joy and hope. They will take a look at the new face of China’s huge rock and explore the road to success for China’s huge rock.

Science and Technology First – Occupying the Tide with Advanced Technology

Into China’s huge rock, the towering technology building, clean and quiet production base and a beautiful environment of the factory area come into view. Into the product exhibition hall of the Science and Technology Building, you can see the production of finished products made from glass fiber products produced by the company as raw materials in downstream applications of various industries in the national economy. The products are widely used in new energy fields such as automobiles, construction, rail transportation, aerospace, electronics and electrical appliances, pipelines, shipbuilding, medical sports, wind power generation, and solar energy, and become a new generation of composite new products after replacing traditional materials such as steel, wood, and stone materials. material.

In marveling at the wide range of applications of glass fiber, we have taken a close look at China’s leading scientific and technological achievements. According to Zhao Jun, general manager of China’s Jushi Development Strategy Division, China’s Jushi not only ranks first in the global glass fiber industry, but also ranks among the world’s leading producers of production technology and technology. He mentioned China’s huge stone’s scientific and technological achievements and said proudly: “At present, the company already has a number of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights and world-class standards, such as large-scale E-glass fiber kilns drawing line production line. Automated logistics transportation technology, large leaky board technology, proprietary infiltration technology, pure oxygen combustion technology, E6, E7 high-performance fiberglass technology, etc..” Under his infection, the reporters are also empathetic, as China’s fiberglass industry , proud of China’s boulders.

What is even more amazing is that China’s huge stones continue to transform the production line. In addition to automated production lines, the work that needs to be done manually in the workshop has basically been replaced by machines, and the degree of automation and productivity per capita have rapidly increased. The reporter saw in the production plant of the third branch that four glass fiber products weighing 15 to 20 kilograms were automatically labelled on the production line, and robots with four groups of “fingers” were removed from the conveyor belt. Wait for the next package and warehousing. Such a uniform action, rapid and orderly process is amazing.

The largest automated storage center in China’s glass fiber industry is also an innovative pride for China’s giant rock. Shen Weifeng, general manager of the logistical logistics department, pointed to the three-dimensional storage area covering an area of ​​more than 30 acres and told reporters: “There is a storage capacity of 85,000 positions and can store 90,000 tons of glass fiber products. The entire storage system has 16 sets of double-extended stacker cranes, more than 400 ground conveyors, and 4 sets of touch-type ground man-machine operation stations require only 6 managers for daily operation, which can save about 150 people and save about 30 million yuan a year. “This automated warehouse system is easy to operate, highly automated, and saves a lot of manpower and land resources, fully fulfilling the goal of “machine substitution”.

In terms of energy conservation and environmental protection, currently China’s huge stone has completed all the clean production transformations, using pure oxygen combustion technology on five production lines and supporting kiln, effectively controlling the generation of harmful gases.

The long-term accumulation of technological innovations in China’s giant rock releases tremendous energy. When Zhao Jun led the reporters to visit the huge rock production base, he said that enterprises can now realize the goal of not adding new land indicators, energy consumption, pollutant emissions, and labor. The expansion of production scale, operating efficiency and per capita capacity increase, the reduction of unit energy consumption and manufacturing costs, the improvement of product quality and the proportion of high-end products have effectively enhanced the market competitiveness and achieved remarkable economic and social benefits. Among them, the integrated energy consumption of tons of high-strength and high-modulus glass fiber products developed by China’s megaliths is lower than that of fiberglass industry by 33%, which has reached the international advanced level.

Fine Management – Adding Savings to Competitive Advantage

In the first half of this year, the growth rate of building materials industry production fell, the price of products dropped, and the operating efficiency fell sharply. The overall efficiency of the building materials industry was worrying. In a situation where the environment is so passive, China’s glass fiber industry, dominated by China’s huge stone, has been adverse to the market, and China’s huge stone has outperformed the industry.

“China’s huge stone is a well-managed and world-class company. In the severe economic situation in the first half of the year, we have achieved volume and price increases and outstanding benefits,” said Song Zhiping, chairman of China National Building Materials Group.

“In the first half of 2015, China’s Jushi has the best overall performance among the group companies.” Cao Jianglin, general manager of China Building Materials Group, once expressed his approval and praise for the achievements of Boulders at an important meeting.

According to Zhang Qiang, President of China’s Boulders, the success of China’s boulder is rooted in fine management. Fineness is quality, fineness is cost, fine management is the basic function of business management. China’s megaliths manage its fine management throughout all aspects of its production and operations, and have achieved systems, inspections, rectifications, assessments, improvements, and closed-loop management. In terms of cost management, we continued to improve the project management method of “increasing income, reduce expenditures and reduce consumption”, optimize management, and continuously promote reductions in staff efficiency. With the upgrading of “machine-for-man” and automation, we set a target of 10% for personnel optimization this year. In the first half of the year, it has completed more than 75%, laying a solid foundation for the company to save expenses, reduce costs, and enhance competitiveness. China’s giant stone was successfully renamed in terms of headquarters’ economic construction and centralized management. In March of this year, China Fiberglass Corporation officially changed its name. For “China’s Boulders”), and relocating the headquarters to Tongxiang, the merger of investment entities and business entities was achieved, which improved the company’s operational efficiency and risk management and control capabilities, and provided conditions for the implementation of the headquarters economic model.

When it comes to fine management, we cannot fail to mention the magic weapon created by China’s megaliths and persist in its implementation—the law of “increasing holidays and lowering work”. It is understood that this method began in 1998 with the Asian financial turmoil. It is an important institutional foundation for China’s megaliths to constantly transform management advantages, scientific research advantages and market advantages into core competitiveness. In the past ten years, the prices of production factors have continued to rise. However, through the continuous implementation of the increase-decrease-work method, the size of Chinese megaliths has increased from several hundred thousand tons to 1.1 million tons, and the number of employees has dropped from 12,000 to 8,000. The cost is reduced by one third. This set of working methods has made important contributions to China’s megalithic response to the new round of financial crisis in the United States and Europe. Between 2012 and 2014, China’s huge stones saved a total of RMB 1.09 billion. In particular, in 2014, the glass fiber industry showed a recovering growth trend. At the same time, energy prices and labor costs increased. The impact of anti-dumping continued and the difficulty of cost reduction increased. China’s huge stone projects accumulatively increased by 491 items, saving more than 2 yuan. 100 million yuan.

After more than ten years of accumulation and continuous refinement and refinement, the “Increase-and-decrease-work method” has become the killer of China’s megalithic fine-grained management work and market competition. It has formed a set of “proposed by the workers—the transformation of technicians into feasible methods. Technical plan – the development of a full range of finished products to carry out a small-scale test – to demonstrate the results of the overall innovation model. The concept of cost management is deeply rooted in people’s minds. From the top management of the Group to the employees of the front line, each employee is consciously the main body of cost reduction and consumption reduction. At present, this working method has been fully promoted within China National Building Materials Group.

Management innovation sounds simple, it is difficult to do, and it is even more difficult to persevere for many years. The core of management is to change the way people think and behave. There is a bit of a mixture of the wisdom and initiative of China’s Stonehenge.

Structural Adjustment – A New Breakthrough in Transformation and Upgrading

As the economy has entered the new normal, the development of China’s megaliths has also shown new features. Zhang Xiaoqiang said, “At present, enterprises have changed from high-speed growth to medium-high speed and high-quality growth, and structural adjustments have been constantly optimized and upgraded, whether it is product structure, production structure, or Inventory structure has entered the period of optimization and improvement, and the structure of the market has shifted from domestic development to internal and external development.

At the product structure level, China’s megaliths have clearly realized that the expansion of the future production scale cannot be sustained. It must unswervingly move toward the high-end industrial chain and value chain and accelerate the adjustment of product structure. In recent years, China’s Jushi has persisted in changing its products from satisfying customers’ needs to leading customers’ development, implementing high-end product strategy, occupying a commanding height in the market, and constantly increasing the proportion of high-end products, differentiated products, high-quality specialty products and high-quality customer demand products. It is understood that during the three years, Jushi developed a total of 44 new products, and the proportion of high-end products reached 49%.

At the production structure level, China’s Jushi strives to concentrate its efforts on centralized production, dedicated line production, lean production, professional division of labor, outstanding advantages, and closeness to the market, and further plans for product lines of various production lines to identify leading products and advantageous products, and Bring into play the advantages of advanced production capacity and increase production efficiency. In the era of big data, China’s megaliths took full advantage of big data ideas, balanced production and sales, and planned dispatches to improve the accuracy of sales orders and the timeliness of production delivery, and actively implemented the “Internet+” strategy to explore the construction of “smart factories”. .

At the inventory structure level, in accordance with the “pressing warehouse requirements” of China National Building Materials Group for member companies, China’s Boulders vigorously implemented inventory structure adjustments, and strived to match the market demand, reduce the proportion of dull products, and increase the proportion of excellent products, in order to produce, sell, and Requires inventory matching and inventory optimization. In the first half of this year, the total inventory of Chinese megaliths has been controlled within the optimal range, and the excellent grades of stocks have been significantly improved, and the relative balance of inventory time, production and sales ratios in East, West, and at home and abroad has been realized.

While grasping the domestic market, China’s huge stone has long been eyeing the larger international market. By making full use of this large platform of the global market, it has won more time and space for the transformation and upgrading of the company. In introducing the global development strategy of China’s Boulders, Zhang Xiaoqiang said: “In the mid-1990s, China’s Boulders established the guiding principles of global market development: building markets first and building factories afterwards, and proceeding with the deployment of overseas marketing networks. The 20-year development has been deployed overseas in 13 countries and regions including Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Africa, and a complete global marketing network has been established, laying a solid foundation for the construction of overseas production bases.”

China’s Boulders are continuing to explore the possibility of investing in factories in North America, Latin America and other countries and regions. Through the globalization of glass fiber marketing, the direct sales and unified logistics business model, from the “for the outside” to the “for the outside” of the profit model, To achieve resource utilization, the market occupies a strategic layout of “two ends out” of fiberglass production, and explores the development path of a multinational enterprise with “factories in overseas, income in homes, overseas resources, and returns in China”.

The concept of structural adjustment and innovation of China’s megaliths originates from the mainland, is very rustic, and has very practical value.

Marketing–price and price increase and increase efficiency

While the scale of production capacity and technology have rapidly increased, the outstanding performance of China’s huge stone has also benefited from good market development. China’s megaliths have always attached great importance to marketing and entered 2015. In response to the warming of the downstream market and the emergence of structural, regional, and seasonal supply shortages, China’s megaliths have established “stable sales, raised prices, and reduced “Risk” is the main line of sales work. By optimizing the sales structure, increasing the ratio of high-end products and high-value-added products, increasing the proportion of high-end and middle- and high-end markets, the proportion of high- and new-products, the proportion of high-value high-value-added products, the proportion of direct sales and the proportion of large customers, etc. The product structure and customer structure are more rational. In the first half of the year, the year-on-year sales volume and sales volume have increased substantially.

China’s boulder accurately grasps market opportunities and timely adjusts sales prices based on structural, seasonal, and regional contradictions, and implements important measures to increase average prices for dumb goods, inventory, and small cheese yarn prices. Do everything to create income. In the first half of the year, China’s Boulders successfully adjusted prices on several domestic and foreign markets, achieving optimal prices and highest sales, laying a solid foundation for the company’s overall improvement in efficiency.

In the face of a complex and ever-changing market environment, China’s megaliths have come to understand and understand the market at a higher level, to think rationally, to act cautiously, to be very skilful, and to make decisive decisions. This makes complicated work easier.

System and Mechanism Innovation–”Mixed” Advantages to Win Development

The development of enterprises cannot be separated from good operating mechanisms. “The strength of the central state-owned enterprises + the vigor of the private enterprises = the competitiveness of the enterprises”, the development of China’s huge rock fully confirms the core concept of Song Zhiping’s “central enterprises and municipalities”.

Since its inception, China’s megaliths have undergone a variety of forms of ownership, and have continually broadened their ideas, boldly explored and forged ahead in this process. Zhang Xiaoqiang particularly emphasized that since it became a company owned by the China National Building Materials Group, many successful experiences and innovative ideas in the institutional innovation of China’s building materials have created a broader and more capable stage for China’s boulder. In the process of development, China’s Boulders have fully utilized the management advantages, scale advantages, and technical strengths of the central SOEs, and gave full play to the flexibility and incentive mechanisms of the SOEs. The two have merged with each other to complement each other and formed a strong competitive edge for the company. This is also an important practice and outstanding result of the development model of China National Building Material Group’s “central enterprises, municipalities” and “mixed ownership”.

Song Zhiping said that China’s boulder has developed from a private enterprise to a well-known blue-chip listed company, and it has grown from a small shabu shabu and small-scale plant into a global glass fiber company with 100,000-ton-class modernization equipment for pool drawing. An unknown local small-scale enterprise has become a multinational company with an international brand. It is a story of pursuing reform, a story of continuous innovation, a story of fine management, and a story of going global to open up the market. The success story of China’s boulder has provided valuable and fresh experience for the reform, innovation, management, and going global of Chinese companies.

As a member of China National Building Material Group, China’s Jushi is an outstanding representative of many innovative and constantly developing members. In the future, under the leadership of the core concept of China’s building materials transformation and upgrading, it will continue to explore the world’s commanding heights in the field of glass fiber and create influence on the world. The more vivid and beautiful “Chinese Stone Story”.

Post time: Mar-20-2018
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